Week 1

Lecture: Foundations
Planes of the body, Directional References, Postural analysis, kinetic chains, fascia, Somatic warmups, Breath

Identifying breath and postural patterns, developing skills, and offering intuitive physical assists

Week 2 & 3

Lecture: Pathologies of the Lower Body
Low Back Pain
Pelvic floor
Anterior femoral hip impingement
Piriformis Syndrome
Knee injuries
Foot/ Ankle

Asana for healing
Adaptations – props and alternate asana
Avoiding Repetitive Stress Injuries
Healing and Tissue Adaptation
Skill Development

Week 4 & 5

Lecture: Pathologies of the Upper Body
Neck Pain/ Tension/ FHP
Shoulder Dysfunction – rotator cuff, biceps tendonitis, etc.
Core strategies
Wrist Strengthening

Asana for healing
Adaptations – props and alternate asana
Avoiding Repetitive Stress Injuries
Healing and Tissue Adaptation
Skill Development

Week 6

Lecture: Pain Science

Yoga Nidra

Functional Anatomy For Yoga Teachers
Begins February 2020
Yoga Peace Kula Howell, NJ


Do you want to understand more about anatomy? Physiology? Biomechanics? Pain Science?

Do you want to develop your skills as a Yoga Teacher?

Are you healing from or helping others recover from injuries?

Ready to make your practice a sustainable one so you can practice well into your 90’s? 🙂

Me Too! I’ve been studying these very things for the past two decades. Join me in this collaborative learning environment where you will UPLEVEL your skill as a practitioner and teacher.

Join me for this 6-week series and deep exploration. In each class, we will spend time with lecture, mudra, mantra, meditation, asana, and application to explore Yoga and awaken to tremendous potential for healing through practice.


Learning Objectives:
1. Students will have a foundation of understanding the systems of the body and Yoga’s Effects on each with a focus on Musculoskeletal, Nervous, and Cardio/ Respiratory.
2. Students will receive a thorough introduction to pain science and demonstrate techniques to relieve pain.
3. Students will develop a higher capacity for resilience, healing, and tissue adaptation both as practitioners and as teachers.


Recommended Reading:

Yoga Biomechanics
Jules Mitchell

Anatomy Trains
Tom Myers

Wisdom of the Body Moving
Linda Hartley


Thai Yoga Massage Training Levels I & 2


This intimate group training will provide an introduction to the ancient practice of Thai Yoga Massage. In this Level I immersion, you will learn a complete 90 minute Thai Yoga sequence designed to bring peace, balance and deep relaxation to the recipient. You will receive an introduction to the major energy lines, learn a variety of meditation techniques together with movement, body mechanics and breathwork. There will be optional morning meditation and yoga.



Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art rooted in the practice of Metta (loving-kindness) which combines yoga asana, acupressure, and meditation to restore and harmonize the body and mind. It relieves muscle and joint tension, frees energetic blockages and leaves the receiver relaxed and revitalized. Sometimes referred to as the lazy man’s yoga, Thai bodywork takes place fully clothed and without oils. It works the entire body focusing on the sen lines and creates a flowing dance between the giver and the receiver.


A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the workshop and practicum.


No prior experience with Thai Massage is required to apply for the Level I training.


• Thai Yoga Massage Training is Ideal for Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, and Sports Trainers.