Is my love in vain? Faith is a terrible thing to lose. The nausea that has surfaced in my throat is almost unbearable. When did my heart jump into my throat? I can remember the exact moment.

I start reading.

Then I remind myself to breathe.

And breathe
And breathe 

Peace slowly returns

How I got over heart break:

Chapter 1
Let go let go let go

Chapter 2
Love anyway. let it be unconditional. Metta….swirling beautiful green and pink around your heart. Gently held by friends and family. Remember You are Loved and Blessed.

Chapter 3
Remember you are light. The drop in the ocean – if you take a cup of water from the ocean is the ocean in the cup?

Chapter 4
Melt your heart – physically melt your shoulderblades, lift your sternum, breathe fully into your chest. Breathe in….expand your body, Exhale….deflate your body. Breathe in peace…Breathe out tension. Let go of any thoughts or beliefs that don’t serve you. Do this until you feel free. It may take months, years, minutes.

Chapter 5
Seek out Sangha.

Chapter 6
Heal your Chakras. Complete a body scan – from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head. Where does it feel stuck, painful, open, expansive??

Chapter 7
Koshas – peel away the layers and explore each dimension. Understand how to draw yourself into a state of observation rather than direct experience. See the forest for the trees. The bigger picture is what matters. Let go of your story, let go of your physical body, let go of your mind. Breathe into your belly…your core. Fire up your will. Breathe out and settle into your peace. Breathe in and know that you are loved. Breathe out and know that you are love. Do this until you only experience the state of love

Extend that Love to all beings

Lokah Samasta Sukinoh Bhavantu