I am now a most enlightened person regarding the needs of a woman’s heart—that throbbing heart which is like a bird flying in the spacious sky of love….It is like a vase replenished with the wine of the ages that has been pressed for the sipping souls….It is like a book in whose pages one reads the chapters of happiness and misery, joy and pain, laughter and sorrow. No one can read this book except the true companion who is the other half of the woman, created for her since the beginning of the world.

Kahlil Gibran


Hard to be soft. Hard to surrender. How to open? How to be vulnerable?

Easier to give love than to receive.

Love hurts sometimes. Somehow there is this wall around my heart because I’ve let the love that hurt  contribute to my idea  of what’s possible. To be possibly free….

“Our thoughts are our own creation. We make them real by cooperating with them. If we withdraw our support, they will dissolve. Observe the thoughts closely, without labeling them. Then you will see them gradually going away.” -Amma

I want a deeper love. A conscious love where the coming together of two souls uplifts the whole world.  Those aspects of us that warrant  closer look – done so through the mirror of another’s kind and loving eyes. If we believe we are fundamentally flawed how can we let another accept us. If we don’t love and offer compassion to our Self, how then can we do so for another?