Samhain gathering

November 1st, 6 pm EDT

Samhain is a Celtic celebration that traditionally marks the beginning of the darker part of the year.  It marks the Yin time, the thinning of the veils. This Samhain, there is a Full Blue Moon, the first one in 76 years! This proves to be a powerful and potent opportunity for connecting with the world of spirit. 

Join us for this ceremony where we will honor our ancestors, heal collective grief, enjoy rituals to celebrate the dead, celebrate embodiment, and welcome the dark embrace of the season.


Outline of the Ceremony:


Calling In Of The Spirits

Shamanic Journey

Movement Practice


Closing Circle 

Once you register, you will receive the Zoom link. Please prepare an altar, add photos and items of ancestors and loved ones in the spirit realm, candles, flowers, items from nature, and the world of the living to offer to the land of the dead. We will gather in celebration together to open to the guidance as we navigate these potent times. 

Excited to weave magic together.