Tonight I decided to practice a kundalini meditation which transforms emotion. “If you can feel it you can heal it” the instructor says as I place my hands in dhyani mudra. Focus on sadness.
The amount of emotion that welled up inside of me took me by surprise. Is my sadness so close to the surface? There was no need to dig deep, as the instructor said, it was all there just waiting to be acknowledged. As I embraced the emotion and moved deeper into the meditation – it struck me. All of these things that are bringing me sadness are in my mind. ahhh sadness mixed with fear and so much love.
Attachment, what we shared lost perhaps never to be found again. Such sadness. Sa ta na ma….inhale…exhale…tears flow gently…washing away the pain. Sadness transforming slowly…ever so slowly…to gratitude. Understanding the depth of these emotions, these relationships, vowing to appreciate and make the most of each. Sa ta na ma, over and over again, the mantra vibrating through my being ~ birth, life, death, rebirth.