“Warriorship is so tender, without skin, without tissue, naked and raw. It is soft and gentle.

You have renounced putting on a new suit of armor. You have renounced growing a thick, hard skin.

You are willing to expose naked flesh, bone, and marrow to the world.”

~ Chögyam Trungpa


 Grief still hits me hard some days. I’ll be coasting along, going about the business of the day, when suddenly it hits me…she is really gone. I can’t pick up the phone and call her, feel her wonderful hugs or look in her big blue eyes. My memory is still vivid… I fear that will fade over time. I saved some of her voicemails. I listen to them from time to time. Photos, video, recordings of her voice…these are precious to me. The girls and I sat and went through them today. We talked about what the holidays will be like without her. We talked about what we want to carry with us and pass on to their children. We cried and laughed and grieved. Soft, vulnerable and exposed, we held each other.