There is some kiss we want with
Our whole lives, the touch of
Spirit on the body. Seawater
Begs the pearl to break its shell.

The Sea

Recently I visited Tao Massage and had my first float session. What an amazing experience. Float or sensory deprivation tanks have been around for sometime. I remember wanting to try one before Carrinna was born and was so excited to see they had opened one so close to home.

Floating relieves pain, insomnia, tension, enhances energy, clarity and contentedness.

Why does this work so well? One reason is the Autonomic Nervous System, which is made up of two parts –  sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic is the fight or flight response, a physiological reaction to a perceived threat. The body goes into a state of hyper arousal and a cascade of neurotransmitters and hormones are released, including  adrenaline, cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine.
The parasympathetic is the rest and digest response where stress is mitigated. Heart rate slows, breathing becomes fuller and deeper, cortisol levels decrease, brain waves lengthen, beneficial neurotransmitter are released. This promotes a profound sense of well being.

As for my experience – this is what I journaled when i returned home. I’m floating again soon 🙂

I immersed myself in the warm, salt bath and  slowly closed the door behind me. Sealed in the darkness, the pool quickly swallows you up. Giddy at first. Floating. The oneness of it all.  Your body is fully supported, weightless, floating in a cosmic sea. It was beautiful. I’ve been meditating for some time now and there was nothing I had experienced up until this point for the strange wondrousness of this sense withdrawal experience. In yoga, we call it Pratyahara.


…something softened

…something broke

…am i safe?

a moment of fear as I search for the door handle.  Then another wave of giddiness as I think of the absurdity of that. My mind more monkey like than usual. Thoughts popping around like mini bursts of imagery and emotion. Words and impressions dancing between. Related and not related at all. Timeless and circular. Waves and dimensions of being play through my mind. Thoughts of my passing by. My body noticeably stiffens. Ahh surrender and relax.
All of a sudden there’s a deeper sense of freedom.
Back to absorption. I am. So Hum.