Oh Love, aren’t you tired of saying, “I can’t afford that” while offering everyone else a discount? Teaching fifteen-dollar yoga classes and giving eighty-dollar massages can leave you lying on the ground depleted and undernourished.

The time for money exchange is not sustainable for a well-lived life and there is another way to live your passion and get paid to be you!

So many healers and teachers are in this boat.

Because we genuinely care and want to be of service.

Artists, yoga teachers, and massage therapists are the ones most often asked to donate their work. We also often end up making below minimum wage for the amount of time we put into our work.

And yet, to grow outside of the time for money model of doing business we often need to shift our belief systems. We worry about sales being sleazy or getting paralyzed by imposter syndrome. We tell ourselves the market is saturated, we’re not good at technology, or we simply don’t have the time.

Imagine you could:

Actualize a Prosperous Future

Learn to create a vision that lights you up, map out a strategic plan, and project your financial wins for the next 3 years.

Discover All the Tools You Need to Manifest Your Soul’s Great Work

Receive professional support of yogis who have been there, how-to templates, and a deeply nurturing environment to inspire and challenge you.

Increase Your Income in the First Month

Hit the ground running with exercises and tools to accelerate your income right away.

We are here to take you through that process with ease. Elevate Your Soul Business is a course developed specifically for For Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, and Wellness Professionals who want to leave behind struggle and step into aligned abundance. 

We are artists, yoginis, and mothers who kept a smile on our faces while scraping by as healers and teachers for many years.

There was an old trajectory when we took our first yoga teacher training.  It went a little something like this… After teacher training, teach for free as much as you can, work-study at a studio you like, or pay for classes there until they notice you and ask you to teach.  Teach whatever time is offered to you because it is a privilege.  Sub every chance you get.  And after teaching 15 classes a week for 7 or 8 years, lead a workshop, host training, and lead a teacher training.” 

This paradigm leads many to burnout and overwhelm. There is a better way! When we realize that service does not mean sacrifice, we are able to truly step into our calling and serve from a place of wholeness. 

Motherhood propelled both Summer and Jeanette into a higher vision of what a thriving life and business could look like. The search for balance, reciprocity, and abundance was not an easy one, especially when you are paving a path few have walked before. 

Through deep soul searching, decades of experience and mentorship, trial and error, and albeit, failure after failure, Jeanette and Summer have discovered the balance and the methods for creating a thriving life and business.

Now, they are coming together with their accumulated wisdom to help you carve a path free from all of the stumbling blocks.

Your Invitation

Whether you’re a Yoga Teacher, confused by the seven billion resources about running a business the “right way” or an experienced therapist who’s juggling, hustling, and trying to do… it… all…

Maybe you’re a Massage Therapist or Reiki practitioner struggling to promote yourself and find your client niche

Or perhaps you’re an “original,” living to the beat of your own drum, never quite fitting into any “group” and yet feeling lost at the same time.

Entrepreneurship can be a struggle at the best of times and completely overwhelming at the worst of times.

This course will help you get clear on your vision and create from a heart-centered place…

If Not Now, When?

You did not arrive in this little corner of the web by accident. You know in your heart you are meant for more and the threads of destiny are within your grasp. Build a legacy, experience profound abundance, and create the life you long for with loving guidance and support.

Join us today.



Summer and Jeanette