Happy New Year 2019!

Last Minute Celebration Tips! Ready to welcome in 2019?! I wanted to make sure you're well equipped with everything you need to get an Epic Start to 2019! Check out my tips below for creating an intentional New Year. Happy New Year from our family to yours,Set Sacred...

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Ayurveda for Summer

Summer is the season of Pitta. Pitta Dosha represents the elements of fire and water. The qualities are hot, light, sharp, oily, pungent, penetrating, intense, acidic. Pitta controls digestion - it is the fire of metabolism (representing how we digest food) and the...

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Please take a few minutes and fill out this survey!

Welcome <3 It is my desire to learn more about you, why you came to my site, what it is you're looking for and how I can best serve you through Yoga, Ayurveda and Mindfulness based practices. I value your time and would be deeply grateful if you would take a moment...

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A Healthy Pregnancy with Yoga and Ayurveda

I'm writing to share with you my journey to healthy pregnancy. This will probably take place in installments, as I have a lot to say ;). Although not always graceful as I would have liked, being a mother is the most profound experience one can have on this earth. I am...

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On Healing

"It’s the teachers who remain on the very edge of their own deep healing that can truly relate to the student who still suffers – and they’re the most able to offer a compassionate and knowing hand." Stephanie Snyder I hear her crying. She's here seeking refuge,...

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Mettā and Maitrī

Mettā (Pali) or Maitrī (Sanskrit) means unconditional loving kindness and friendliness towards yourself. It is a practice worth cultivating, as it allows us to live more fully in love with life and enhances all of our relationships. In this workshop we will explore...

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My Birth Story

"Pregnancy is a time of deep and wonderful transformation for a woman. A time when she may be faced with many life-changing decisions, questions and searching. A time that may evoke challenges, joys and fears. Each pregnancy is surrounded by its own unique story and...

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Jersey Shore Women’s Wellness Collective

Presents… Bliss Out in 2016! Wellness Package Transform Your Mind, Body, and Spirit in 2016 Your package includes a special hour with each practitioner: Reiki with Aroma Acupoint with Summer Quashie at Seven Arrows Thai Massage with Jeanette Sealy of Metta Bhav Yoga...

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Your First Thai Massage

Is this your first Thai Yoga Massage? Here is a simple guide of what to expect during and after your session:

Thai Yoga Massage is a meditative practice. Both the giver and receiver engage in a state of relaxed focused awareness. It is best performed without conversation. The need to express may come up and that’s ok, however, the practitioner will not respond overly much.

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