Are you a caregiver? Have you struggled with feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or completely compassion fatigued?

I did, too. Just like you, I truly wanted to care for my Mother as she was dying gracefully. But, honestly, it was a struggle. Managing a full-time job, mothering, and caring for my Mom was exhausting. I drowned myself in work, adventure, alcohol – everything I could to take me away from the grief that was welling up so strongly. You see, as I was caring for my Mother, my two children, and working full time in long term care. I was also teaching Yoga and doing massage to make ends meet. It was an overwhelming time. And even though I had worked in Hospice for 20+ years, nothing had prepared me for the incapacitating grief I would feel. I feared if I let myself feel it, I wouldn’t be able to do all the things I needed to do.

Sadly, I went on like that for some time – until I finally allowed myself to receive help, to lean into the support of the community. It’s THE most important thing you can do to support yourself as you’re caring for another.

My journey inspired me to create a virtual summit. To bring together beautiful teachers and wisdom keepers to help support YOU.

Here’s exactly what we’ll be covering in the virtual summit:

  • Caring For The Caregiver with Melissa Smith-Wilkinson
  • Essential Oils For End Of Life Care with Tiffany Carole
  • Healing The Light Body With Arzu Mountain Spirit
  • Helping Children With Grief With Jodi Kobrin
  • Living Wholly and Dying Peacefully with Swamini Shraddananda Saraswati
  • Mindfulness Care For End Of Life with Summer Deaver
  • The Last Breath – Yoga Therapy with Anne Pitman
  • Rituals For The End Of Life with Nya Patrinos and Zee Cruise 
  • Being Love In The Time Of Death with Jeanette Sealy