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“Jeanette – is an incredible practitioner! One session of her amazing Thai massage and my sacrum felt more open than it has in years. Her compassion and warmth shine through while her knowledge of the body and anatomy make you feel incredibly safe and cared for. Highly recommended!”

Catherine Craig

“Jeanette embodies an ideal holistic healer; professional, credible, well informed/educated, and with a completely soothing aura. She is pure magic.”


Jennifer Claire

It was so amazing to start the day in a healing practice that was a gateway to considering energy and our embodied consciousness and how cultivating well-being in our integrated bodies can serve as a powerful resource in family life.


Damara Ganley

Jeanette’s expertise was just unparalleled to anything I’ve experienced with other yoga instructors.


Christy Heald

Jeanette knows what people need interns of relaxation and connecting and aligning. She has a wealth of healing knowledge and wisdom in all different healing domains and Yogic traditions

Avital Schreiber Levy

“She shared the knowledge that has made me more aware of my body and how to heal it better with positions and poses.”

“The yoga practice has confirmed for me something I haven’t placed a lot of importance on and that’s the fact that we are not just a physical body but also made of mind and spirit.”

“I think Jeanette’s process was approachable and informative to the whole group and was a valuable setting of the emotional and physical table by providing for a calming experience.”

“Jeanette reminded me that yoga goes way beyond the physical workout/hard poses and stretching. That it encompasses breathing and mindset and energy.”