“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Jaladara Rumi

I’m feeling especially blessed recently as I took a leap of faith last year and left a career I had been in for fifteen years. I was burnt out. Almost toast. My heart hurt and the passion I once had was transferred to something bigger.

“Same same but different” my Thai teacher says. In that beautiful simplicity is the truth of it. We all just want to be happy. I found beauty in elders when I was very young. I learned about the meaning of life from those that had seen decades of change and growth. Who had lived full lives and had amazing stories. I formed relationships that will remain in my mind and in my heart always. As a young adult, I found work that wasn’t work. I found something I Loved.

Dharma is the Sanskrit word for duty. What is your duty or purpose? What brings you harmony and serves the world? What is your art?

I am still discovering my dharma and the closer I come to living in my true nature, the more at peace I am. The more I am able to share.

I wish the same for all beings. To have happiness, love, freedom and purpose.
To find beauty in life. Even in the suffering.