Hello Beautiful One,

You’re realigning your focus, setting your intention, and connecting to your love for yoga and teaching.


You’re recognizing your innate ability to teach and touch the lives of all those whose paths you cross – both in person and virtually.


You’re understanding that it doesn’t matter how many poses you perfect or how many years you’ve got to show for it – yoga is a lifestyle that heals, transforms, and awakens.


You have a gift, a calling, and a responsibility to share these tenets with others as well as deepen your own knowledge and practice. 


We are, after all, life-long students of yoga.


I’m so proud of you.


You have free time for your consistent practice at home and you’re bringing your teachings online. 


But…you know there is potential for more


You want to teach and train full-time, on your schedule, with the confidence and support of mentors and like-minded community cheering you on and believing in your gifts. 


Maybe you feel like there’s no way you can make a real living on a yogi’s salary. 


Maybe you think that you’re just not cut-out for more than teaching yoga part-time, for $20 a class, or offering free live sessions. 


Well, here’s the truth.


You CAN build your dream business if you’re willing to invest in that dream.


And if you’re really ready to step into your true potential as an esteemed, sought-after yogi, and transition your business to the one you dream of, I have a signature mentorship program that can help.


My Yoga Teacher Mentorship is an intensive 12-month online program that elevates your foundational knowledge and techniques to the next level. 


You will learn how to:


  • Deepen your personal practice through enhanced studies in therapeutic philosophy, physiology, anatomy, neuroscience, and biomechanics
  • Confidently conduct client assessments and adapt your training to classes of all ages, skills, and abilities 
  • Create an Ayurvedic routine to support your lifestyle and learn how to apply Ayurvedic principles to Yoga classes
  • Host a Yoga Retreat from concept to creation
  • Structure a thriving online business of your own that both lights you up and easily pays the bills


It also includes:


  • Biweekly mastermind calls where you can get direct, tailored support and feedback
  • Lifetime access to the digital course library, including any and all future updates
  • A private Facebook group offering connection and community
  • So much more


And you can get in for only a single payment of $3,027, or choose the payment plan of 12-monthly installments of $297. (Ask me about our scholarship program!)


Dear One, if you’re truly serious about deepening your yoga practice and creating a sustainable and successful Yoga business, this mentorship is the fastest, most effective way to get there. 


Unfortunately, most yoga training programs don’t touch on the logistics of building a yoga business in 2020. And they don’t teach you how to offer safe and accessible classes for all the different populations and various levels of abilities.


So, most newly-certified yogis try to promote themselves on social media or offer workshops (on top of their full class load), and then they succumb to overwhelm and exhaustion. 


They feel lost, hidden within the crowd of hundreds of other yoga teachers, and fundamentally insecure about their own skillset.


I remember the struggle. I was a single mom at the time, and I was trying to do it all. I was still at my corporate job, teaching classes at multiple studios, hosting workshops, and pooling together every dollar I had so that I could sign up for all the certifications that would enable me to effectively work with whoever stood in the room with me.


It. Was. Draining.


Eventually, I knew I had to do something differently. So I quit my corporate job and went back to school. I studied with Master Healers, coaches, and master Yoginis. I finally found my path, and I flourished.


But in those beginning years, I lost a lot of time, and a lot of money, trying to piece together a successful Yoga practice and business through trial and error.


I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to repeat my mistakes. You can skip that part and elevate straight to a comprehensive, consciously-created mentorship that delves into all aspects of yoga for business and life. 


In my Yoga Teacher Mentorship, I am giving you my 26 years of experience, along with the wisdom from my own mentors, healers, and master teachers. You learn exactly how to identify your authentic voice and innate gifts, stand out amongst the crowd, and teach virtually with clarity, confidence, and skill. 


You will strengthen what Yoga means to you and use that understanding to up-level your current offerings and step into the life you imagine.


After all, your passion for Yoga and unique transformation has the power to heal and awaken the world.


So Beautiful One, are you ready to take your training to the next level? Are you ready for the guidance and support to take your business virtual? Or do you want to stay right where you are now?


I really want to hear your answer — just comment below and let me know! 


With Love and Gratitude.





P.S. If you really want to elevate your practice, your impact, and your earning potential, then you should apply for my Yoga Teacher Mentorship! I think you would be the perfect fit.