Practices for Health and Harmony



Inner peace, sacred sensuality, empowered well-being

Jeanette Sealy

Hi, I’m Jeanette,


I am so happy you’re here. I help women in transition awaken to their Sacred Embodiment, Capacity for Joy, and Inner Sovereignty. If you’re a woman going through significant life changes, I’d love to help you create a vibrant relationship with your body, a sense of unshakeable inner peace, and a deeper appreciation for all that is sacred.

Are you moving through a big life transition such as a move, a death, a divorce?

Are you experiencing a disconnection from your most vibrant self?

Are you wondering if you will ever feel _____ again?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, don’t worry. There is a way to transform and alchemize whatever is happening so that it ultimately serves your highest good.

This work, this play, is for the courageous. It is not for those that want to stay stuck in old paradigms. It requires dedication, practice and authentic connection with the Self.

Are you ready?


Jeanette has a deep healing nature. Her Thai massages are heavenly. They always leave me feeling great for days and practically speaking the alleviate the discomfort I experience in my back due to degeneration of the spinal vertebrae. 

Sudha Allitt, Ph. D

Jeanette showed me how to heal invisible wounds. She helped me also with back pain and left me with new ways to stay healthy. So grateful to her.


Peter Gonsalves

Jeanette has gifted hands, and leaves everyone she touches knowing that they are whole on every level. A massage with Jeanette is more than therapeutic. She is a genius. Trish West-Low, Ph. D

Jeanette has truly been an inspiration in my life. She is spiritual and so uplifting. She has given me a feeling of self-worth and has instilled a positive attitude towards life in general. Jeanette seems to have prepared her entire life to enhance the quality of life for everyone she touches. She is a gift…a true gem. No matter what road lies ahead she will always be an attribute in everything she pursues. People will be blessed having her in their lives…I can only give the highest accolades to a teacher, from a teacher who has taught young children my entire life. Linda Lytell