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Hi, I’m Jeanette,

I’m a Yoga Therapist, Thai Massage Practitioner, Energy Healer, and Mother. I’ve dedicated my work to empowering others to understand the connection between their mind, body and spirit. To discover their inherent wholeness.

There is a massive shift happening in human consciousness and a deep awakening of the divine feminine. We are waking up to our sovereignty and wholeness. We are acknowledging our divinity and connection to each other and all of life. We are realizing that we thrive with the support of community and like-minded individuals. Places where our gifts are celebrated and our pain is seen with great love and compassion. It is in healing ourselves that we heal the world.   

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What People Are Saying

Jeanette has a deep healing nature. She is an intuitive Being whose every touch is filled with a deep peaceful intention toward healing. She has an excellent understanding of the human body and is well educated in all aspects of her art. 

Sudha Allitt, Ph. D

Jeanette has gifted hands, and leaves everyone she touches knowing that they are whole on every level. A session with Jeanette is more than therapeutic. She is a genius.

Trish West-Low, PT, MA, DPT, PCS

Jeanette has truly been an inspiration in my life. She is spiritual and so uplifting. She has given me a feeling of self-worth and has instilled a positive attitude towards life in general. Jeanette seems to have prepared her entire life to enhance the quality of life for everyone she touches. She is a gift…a true gem. No matter what road lies ahead she will always be an attribute in everything she pursues. People will be blessed having her in their lives…I can only give the highest accolades to a teacher, from a teacher who has taught young children my entire life. Her preparation and dedication is truly admirable. Her pursuit of sharing her insights cannot be a greater goal in this life. May you always remain a shining light in my life.

Linda Lytell