Parenting 101

On parenting teenagers and an infant at the same time. 

Now I Know -it’s basically the same ?

  1. Teething, sleepless nights, colic, whatever…This too will pass. Way too quickly. 
  2. Help them be friends with their crib. Create sleepy time rituals. A warm bath, an oil massage, lavender puppies and story time. 
  3. Sleep pillows. Oh yes. One of my favorite things. Baby Sleep PillowSnuggle Me Organic 100% Pure-Infant Lounging and Bed-Sharing Cushion (organic cotton fill)
  4. Hold them like a football when they have gas. 
  5. Pacifiers are great! 
  6. Allow yourself to ask for and receive help.
  7. Appreciate every moment. 
  8. Make time for self care. 
  9. Thank heaven for little boys. 


  1. Puberty, late late nights, moody, whatever …This too will pass. Way too quickly. 
  2. Help them be friends with themselves. 
  3. Sleepovers. inclusion. Compassion. Friendship and Sisterhood. Create a  home that is their sanctuary. Not somewhere they want to run from.
  4. Hold them like a bar of soap.  Some advice from my grandmother. Not too tight they slip out of your grasp, not too light they slip due to a lack of support.
  5. Help them discover their passions. 
  6. Help them learn to be their own heroes. But know they have help if they call.
  7. Appreciate yourself. You’ll make mistakes. Teenagers will tell you. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. 
  8. Make time for play. 
  9. Thank heaven for little girls.

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