Intro to Yoga Therapy

Yoga is not about trying to attain something that we do not already have, but rather it is the process of thinning and reducing the veils that cover our true nature, revealing the light that has always been there, yet forgotten and colored by the impressions in our mind field.

The path is uncovering our inner freedom, peace and joy. This can be revealed through purification practices, self study, asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, consistent integration! Freedom to know thyself, to love thyself, to be with oneself. The deep and profound relationship that we can develop with the self enhances our relationships with those that we love the most, with all beings and all things.

Adi Amar


In this course you will learn how to use principles of Yoga therapy including yoga asana, pranayama, audra, mantra, meditation and nutrition to heal and nourish the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. There will be five components over five weeks and each one will introduce you to advanced Yoga concepts. Content will be released on Sundays and we will have a weekly call on Wednesdays. There will be homework, required reading and team assignments. Know that you are committing to transformation. Embarking on this course will invite you to move in to a greater space of mastery, sovereignty and resiliency.

This course is for Yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels and experience.

CE-s available